The City of Flint Master Plan team will begin forming Implementation Task Groups to help coordinate and implement the strategies developed in the Imagine Flint Master Plan. Members of these groups will serve as Master Plan advocates with a goal of channeling community resources towards plan implementation and rather than providing guidance or advice, the group members will have clear working objectives related towards advocacy and implementation outlined in the plan.

Seven task groups will be formed to align with the chapters within the Master Plan with their objective being to "parlay plan content into actual action." The groups will be broken down as follows:

  1. Housing and Neighborhoods  - This group will help shape Flint into a city with desirable, stable and inclusive neighborhoods that contain a range of affordable and attractive housing options
  2. Transportation and Mobility - This group will be charged with designing a city that has a sustainable, modern and safe multi-modal transportation network.
  3. Environment Features, Open Spaces and Parks - This group will work on transforming Flint into an environmental leader with a clean, healthy and equitable system of parks, waterways and open space.
  4. Public Infrastructure and Community Facilities - This group will help ensure Flint will enjoy a system of reliable and efficient infrastructure tailored to meet the local needs.
  5. Economic Development and Education - This group will be tasked with evolving Flint into a growing and diverse economy that spurs innovation and small business development.
  6. Public Safety, Health and Welfare - This group will focus on guaranteeing Flint will be a safe and healthy place for all residents to live and thrive.
  7. Arts and Culture - This group will help support arts and culture making them a part of everyone's daily life and accessible to all.

Those interested in joining can apply online at or fill out the attached application (link below) and return to the City of Flint by Friday, April 4, 2014 at 5 p.m.