Before you accept the President’s assertion that there is not a “smidgen of corruption” to be found in the IRS targeting scandal, you need to listen to Catherine Engelbrecht’s testimony before the House Oversight and Governmental Regulations subcommittee.

Although her words are measured, the controlled fire that fuels her words is intense.  For 20 years, Ms Engelbrecht lived her life, raised her children and helped her husband run their small manufacturing shop.  Not once in those 20 years was she or her business ever audited or visited by any agency of the Federal Government.  That changed once she applied for tax exempt status for two groups she had founded, one of which is True the Vote, an organization dedicated to training volunteers to help ensure the integrity of our voting system.  If you believe the 15 visits and/or audits that followed from 4 different  governmental agencies were coincidental, rather than coordinated government intimidation, I hope you don't run into anyone trying to sell you a bridge.