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MDOT to Sell Off Excess Property in Auction
The Michigan Department of Transportation has announced they will auction off 11 excess properties this week. According to MDOT, the properties, which are available for public purchase, are no longer needed for transportation purposes and are located throughout Michigan...
AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Up A Few Cents
Motorists around Michigan will find the average gas prices up for the fourth week in a row. AAA Michigan reports that the current statewide average is just under $3.96 per gallon.
Gas prices in and around the Flint area are just under the $4 per gallon mark with prices hovering around $3...
State Senate Rejects Gasoline Tax Increase to Fix Roads
A proposal to raise the state's gasoline tax as a way to improve Michigan's roads and bridges has stalled in the Senate.
According to NBC 25, senators broke early this morning (6/12) after a marathon session without passing a measure that would more than double the 19 cents a gallon tax wit…

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