Mimes Patrol South American Streets in the Name of Safety [VIDEO]
On the noisy streets of some South American cities, police have a new ally in their efforts to encourage drivers and pedestrians to follow traffic laws: mimes.
The brightly-dressed mimes in cities such as Caracas, Venezuela and Sao Paulo, Brazil silently admonish rule-breakers with gestures as simple…
Seattle ‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones Arrested
For about a year, a man using the pseudonym Phoenix Jones has donned a costume and mask and prowled the streets of Seattle in an effort to thwart crime. But early Monday morning, it was the self-styled superhero who found himself behind bars.
Seattle police say Jones approached a group of people at a…
English Cliff Crumbles Into Ocean [VIDEO]
The coastal region of southwest England has been battered by storms lately and this stunning video captures its more drastic effects when the entire face of a cliff in Cornwall crumbles into the sea.
Check it out below:
California Bans Minors From Tanning Beds
In a landmark new law, the state of California has prohibited all children under 14 from using tanning beds. State residents between the ages of 14 and 18 will only be allowed to tan under artificial light if they provide proof of parental consent.

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