Genesys Presents Free Talk on Hip and Knee Pain
Genesys Orthopedic Services will present a free talk on hip and knee pain next week. An orthopedic surgeon on staff, Dr. Michael Sorscher, will discuss the causes and symptoms off hip and knee pain as well as treatment options including diet, exercise, medications and surgery...
Good News About Ebola, at Last
After weeks of concern, worry and then near panic over the deadly Ebola virus, there is finally some good news that will (hopefully) relieve some of the lingering fear of a broader epidemic.
GCHD Reminds Residents About Carbon Monoxide Safety and Awareness
This week is Carbon Monoxide Safety and Awareness Week in Michigan. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of people die and thousands are injured from unsuspected exposure to the odorless and colorless gas. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that, while people recognize …

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