Stefan Molyneux: There Will Be No Economic Recovery
The video below is pretty scary, although it's not the kind that scary movie lovers enjoy.  Perhaps it’s better not to think or even know about what Stefan Molyneux discusses.  But if you have the stomach for train wrecks, and if you have 59 minutes, it is both fascina…
What Are the Most Stressful Jobs in 2013?
If going to work means you run the risk of developing an ulcer or biting your nails until there's only cuticle left, congrats -- you may have one of the most stressful jobs in America.
But is it the most stressful?
5 Best Jobs to Meet Single Women
We all need to earn a living so we can pay those pesky things called bills, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold jobs that help our social lives, too.
In fact, there are several jobs where meeting women is an even bigger perk than getting a paycheck with four numbers …
Ambitious Man Works 100 Jobs in One Year
Considering how much most people hate looking for a job, Dave Herman is definitely one of the more motivated people we've come across this year. With just five days left in the year, he's worked 99 different jobs, and he's looking for a 100th.
Tuesday On The Tom Sumner Program
"A Cohort Christmas" - Part 2 LIVE Christmas Day on The Tom Sumner Programon with special guest Brenda Lee ("Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"), comedy, local Christmas music and more beginning at 3 p.m.
Facebook Can Now Help You Get a Job
Don't just update your status—update your résumé. Facebook has just released a Social Jobs App that will allow people to search job listings from a multitude of sites like Monster and DirectEmployers.
Are Federal Prisoners Taking Jobs From Law-Abiding Citizens?
There are currently thousands of inmates employed, at extremely low wages, in federal prisons all across the country manufacturing a myriad of products to be sold strictly to government agencies. Yet, while some argue that paying convicted felons to work in these factories is a good way of teaching …
Governor Proclaims November as Hire A Veteran Month
On Thursday, Gov. Rick Snyder declared November as Hire a Veteran Month and announced a series of upcoming career fairs for veterans, urging Michigan employers to do more to help returning veterans make the transition from military service to employment...

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