Arizona School Uses Holding Hands as Punishment
Two Arizona teenagers faced a choice after getting into a fight at Westwood High in Mesa: They could either be suspended for nine days ... or hold hands in front of everybody. Obviously, they chose the latter, and now the school is catching flak for it.
Ananich Pushes Energy Upgrades Loans to Help Schools Save Money
As the debate in Lansing regarding education funding reform intensifies, State Representative Jim Ananich (D-Flint) is offering a measure that would help keep money in the classroom by encouraging energy upgrades in schools.
“If we want to be serious about improving education funding, we need to look…
Should Colleges Ban Hazing? — Survey of the Day
The stated goal of college fraternities and sororities is to promote brotherhood and sisterhood among their members. In many of these organizations, hazing of pledges is a technique that is used to build these bonds. Occasionally, though, this hazing gets out of hand, and a pledg…

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