State Sen. Ananich Calls for Action on Student Debt Crisis
With student loan rates having doubled on Monday, State Senator Jim Ananich (D-Flint) is calling on lawmakers in Washington and Lansing to act on the impending debt crisis.
Congess failed to reach an agreement to avoid the rate hikes, and according to Ananich, proposals in Lansing to ease the burden …
Flint School District Lays Off Almost 80 Employees
The Flint School District laid off 77 employees Wednesday in an attempt to address part of their almost $16 million deficit.
According to MLive, 15 of the layoffs were non-teaching positions and 60 were paraprofessionals. The layoffs were part of the 138 approved by the board of education last month.…
Monday on Conversations with Jason Cooper
Wendi Fornier, Marketing and Media Relations Manager at The Whiting will be in studio to discuss the upcoming season.
We'll also be joined by Michael Van Beek, Director of Education Policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. We'll be talking about the situation with the Buena Vista school distr…

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