About six years ago, I entered the "DJ Diet Challege" sponsored by Hurley Health and Fitness Center.  (I edged out WHNN's Blondie, and WWCK's Andrew Z, losing 12 pounds.)  It spurred me on and I lost about 50 pounds total.  It turns out, if you eat better and less, and work out, you lose weight.  Easier said than done.

Unfortunately, it's not easy keep off either.  Since then I've gained back all I lost.  So I'm starting over, again with Hurley, by participating in their "3 Ton Challenge."  (I'm not responsible for the entire 3 tons, just some of it.)  In addition to working out again, they have nutrition classes, and regular weigh ins.  At my first weigh-in I was at 241.6 pounds.

My goal is to be under 240 for the next weigh-in at the end of January.  I'm hoping public humiliation proves motivating as well, so I'll post my progress, or lack thereof, for each weigh-in. And, I include what I hope will be a "before" photo, to compare with what I hope will be an "after" photo later on.  It's a 12 week program, and a great way to get started.

If you'd like to find out more about the 3 Ton Challenge, call Hurley Health & Fitness Center:  (810) 262-2200.

Wish me luck!