State motorists will find the average gas prices up for the third week in a row according to AAA Michigan. The current statewide average is just over $3.94 per gallon, about three cents higher than last week.

Gas prices in and around Flint were slightly higher as of Sunday with averages of $3.97 per gallon. The cheapest prices for self-serve unleaded fuel can be found in the Marquette where it's about $3.76 per gallon. The highest average is in the Jackson area at about $3.98 a gallon.

AAA says over the last several years, Midwestern gas prices have regularly been the most volatile as refinery issues, supply bottlenecks and logistical issues have caused sometime dramatic fluctuations.

AAA offers up these tips for maximizing fuel efficiency:

  • Check tire pressure monthly and before long trips.
  • Use correct tire pressure listed on the driver's door sticker, doorpost or owner's manual. NOT on the tire sidewall.
  • Drive at moderate speeds, anticipate potholes and avoid jackrabbit starts to use less fuel.
  • Make sure all tires have a valve cap or you could have slow leaks and eventual under inflation.
  • Don't overload or carry unnecessary items. Every 200lbs of extra weight reduces fuel economy by one mpg.

AAA surveys 2,800 Michigan gas stations daily. For more information, visit To find the cheapest gas nationwide, go to and look for AAA Fuel Price Finder.