This Saturday, April 28th, begins Auto City Speedway's 57th season of action.  When I tell people I'm a race fan, they, Oh, you must love NASCAR!'  No, I don't.  I love racing.  NASCAR is a small, over-publicized part of auto racing.  For me, local short tracks are the best way to introduce newcomers to racing and entertainment on a local level.  So here are my...5 REASONS WHY SHORT TRACK RACING IS BETTER THAN NASCAR...

1) SHORTER RACES...Go to a NASCAR race, and you get one long, 3-hour, 200-lap race where the field so spread out even someone like me that follows the spors doesn't even know who the leader is.  Where at your local track like Auto City, you get 12 to 15 races of 6 to 40 laps and it's more exciting.

2) MORE AFFORDABLE...NASCAR Cup races can cost between $40 and $100 to see one looooong race.  Most short tracks charge $12-15 for a regular race night.  Plus, I ain't payin' $8 for a can of beer...$8 will get you a bucket of draft beer at my track.

3)DRIVERS ARE MORE ACCESSIBLE...Meeting your favorite NASCAR driver may take you 2 hours in line, if your lucky.  The local drivers love to meet the fans up close.  Auto City has two Autograph Nights every year, so fans can go out on the track, see the cars and collect a ton of autographs.

4) DIFFERENT LOOKING CARS...Let's face it...every NASCAR stock pretty much looks the same.  At your local track, they run 4 or 5 divisions, so the cars looks a little different.  Hey, we run school buses, trailers, pickup trucks and more.

5) SMALLER TRACKS...I've been to NASCAR races where a field of 43 cars can be so far away you can't even hear them let alone see them.  At the local track, everything unfolds right in front of you, so you see every bit of the action.

Yes, I am a race fan.  I am NOT just a NASCAR fan.  Local sponsors, drivers, crews, and track employees...that's where the experience happens.  So take your kids, grandkids, inlaws, outlaws, or whatever.  I know this sounds like a plug, but there are 25 tracks in Michigan alone.  Could be the best entertainment value around...I'm just sayin'.